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Disclaimer: Because this blog contains dated entries, please do not hold posts against me as they may not reflect my current knowledge, thoughts, or opinion on a specific subject, topic, or product. Also, the views and content here have no reflection on my current employer as these posts and thoughts are my own. When I do write formal enterprise level material, it is vented through a professional communications process and approved for public viewing. The blog posts here on my personal blog are straight from my own pen. Want personal feedback? The best way to engage me on a subject is to comment on posts or find me on Google+.

TidBit. When I’m not working in the service and ppm cloud, I enjoy reading personal development and non-fiction books on my Kindle, brainstorming on vlog and blog topics, partaking in some house DIY work, catching something on Netflix or Amazon Prime, playing on my Xbox, and of course, spending time with my wife and children. I’ve been the front man for a few rock bands too but those days are far behind me. I’m simply here because I love technology, I want to share what I’ve learned, and I want to challenge myself as I continue to grow my career and capabilities. Blogging for me is a real challenge. I know I don’t always write or record perfectly structured posts or articles but every once in a while, I surprise myself, and generate interest in a specific field or context. It’s very rewarding for me when I receive comments or generate a chunk of traffic on my site for a particular post. I’m just being me and sharing what I want to share. I welcome feedback or even a simple hello. If you’re here, let me know!

This Blog. What is this blog?  It is simply a place for me to provide my own insight to current events, technology, applications, communication, my life, career, DIY projects, or whatever I choose. Although it is titled ‘My Tech Trek’, I am not restricting it to technology related content but I admit, the majority of the topics will involve technology or software in same way, shape, or form.

Commenting. Spam is auto-filtered primarily but I do review comments and obvious spam will be removed.  Please refrain from attacking my posts as well as comments posted by any participants.  If you’re going to criticize a company or specific product that I may be reviewing or discussing, please include your real name and email address. Doing so allows a representative to reply back to you on your issue or concern. Any anonymous negative comments are under my discretion for removal.

Connecting via social mediaIt’s nearly impossible to keep up with social applications, what’s hot and what’s not. Me? Like many, I connect with friends and family on Facebook and also enjoy using TwitterLinkedIn, and Google+. If you’d like to connect with me, I recommend using Google+, as the capabilities of Google social services amaze me.

Copyright/Fair use. I respect people’s original work and copyrights, please respect mine.  I will site any outside references used as I expect you to site my post or information if referencing it in an outside source.  The images used in my blog posts should be free to use and publish.  If you feel an image utilized by this site is protected, please contact me and I will remove the image or clipart in question. Feel free to share my own images, vlog content, etc, however you choose and on any social platform you’d like.

Last but not least, thank you for visiting this blog and reading some of my two cents on ‘My Tech Trek’.

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