Over the past couple of weeks, the amount of key punching and reading I have had to do has been more than my norm. Because of that, I have been bringing my work laptop into the living room at night in order to chip away at small tasks, while going at my own pace. The problem is, I have a lot of trouble seeing what I am typing. From my past experience there are only three solutions that solve this issue.

A. Install a back-lit keyboard on my laptop
B. Turn on a lamp or overhead light
C. Utilize a tiny LED on the lid of my laptop that lights up the keys (Not sure if this is only on Lenovo laptops)

Since the third option is no longer available to me, I decided to research what it would cost and how much effort is needed in order to install a back-lit keyboard. I was literally shocked when I saw how inexpensive it was and that my particular laptop could have it’s keyboard switched out in 2-3 minutes. I’m sure there are thousands of laptop users out there who can relate to the problem of not seeing the keyboard well enough at night and it might be an easy and affordable option to add a back-lit keyboard.

For example, I started with Google and searched for “How to change the keyboard on a Dell Latitude E6410”. I wanted to get an idea at how difficult the job might be. Luckily, someone had made the perfect video, showing exactly what to do and how long it should take. Secondly, I searched for “dell latitude back-lit keyboard” and immediately had a hit for the E6410, even though I didn’t specify it in the search. How much would it cost me? How does $22.99 plus $4.99 shipping sound? Of course I then found it on Amazon.com for $19.89 with free shipping. Considering how low the price is and how easy the swap is, this one is a no brainer folks! So, if you too have difficulty typing on your laptop in the dark, just take a few minutes to do some research on back-lit keyboards. Hopefully your laptop model will be as easy to work with and as affordable as mine.

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