Wow, this article really got me thinking. Carefully choosing our words can either sell a pitch or dig a ditch. Avoid chancy language and don’t plead for funding. Keep it positive and reciprocal. Kickstarter is a great tool for allowing creators to do what they do best, create without corporate limitation. Take a look at these key words for success and see how they could apply to your career.


When it comes down to it, running a campaign on a crowdfunding platform like Kickstarter comes down to persuasion. Think about it: the success of any project is predicated on people (sometimes friends, but often total strangers) believing in a products months, even years before it’s destined to be finished. On a time limit.

But researchers at Georgia Tech published a report yesterday indicating that that persuasion could be hedged in the form of a few carefully chosen words. The group also put together a phrase dictionary, showing a hundred words that proved effective for funded campaigns and 100 clunkers in ones that failed to meet their goal.

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In order to narrow down the study to focus on the text, Georgia Tech associate professor Eric Gilbert and PhD candidate Tanushree Mitra isolated the variables in more than 45,000 projects on Kickstarter. After weeding out the influence of factors like the project…

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