Whether you have just purchased a new or pre-owned vehicle or simply want to replace the dingy floor mats in your car, truck, or van, Lloyd Mats most likely has a product that will suit your needs. My family recently bought a pre-owned minivan, which to no surprise, did not include floor mats of any kind. I began doing some research as soon as we drove the van home, looking for an affordable floor mat solution that would be easy to clean and still allow us to access the van’s storage areas. What I found was Lloyd’s Rubbertite Mats. These specific mats are cut to match your vehicle and leverage the factory retention posts that most vehicles have in their floor carpeting. The Rubbertite series ‘catches’ dirt, sand, liquid, etc in small cups in an attempt to prevent the mess from spreading out to your carpeting. From my experience the fit was near perfect and for the price when compared to some of their competitors, I think Lloyd is on to something successful here. The mats don’t shift and are secure to the carpet without damaging it or digging in too much. Sure, there is a rubber odor of sorts when you first receive it, but open them up and lay them out in your garage for a bit before installing. For me, the scent wasn’t bad at all and had no negative impact on my review but I wanted to mention it since I had heard of other reviewers complain.

Where can you find these mats? First, go visit Lloyd’s website and see for yourself. They offer a number of mat options but check out the Rubbertite series. Then, shop around, and be sure to check JC  Whitney for pricing on a Lloyd Rubbertite Mat set for your vehicle. I’m willing to bet you’ll find that you can protect your entire floor for less than any other full weather mat. If you have a minivan and young children or pets, then you will be very happy with the second and third row floor covering. Protect your vehicle’s interior with Lloyd Mats.

Great capacity to hold water, snow, mud, sand and spills with hundreds of “wells” in each mat, Lloyd’s Rubbertite custom fit, all-weather mats are perfect for all season use. This exceptionally durable, heavyweight composition rubber stays flexible in sub-freezing temperatures. Rubbertite Mats provide excellent protection for your original carpet and clean easily with the spray from a hose.

Rubbertite Mats come equipped with factory compatible anchoring devices, or Lloyd’s easy to install anchor hooks. Rubber nibs on the back provide additional traction to keep them in place, while the textured surface offers additional non-skid safety. Rubbertite Mats are available in over 10,000 exact fit patterns that cover virtually every car, truck, SUV and van sold in the U.S. since 1950. Choose from Black, Grey, Light Grey, Tan, Ivory and Crystal Clear.

How do my mats look and fit in our pre-owned Dodge Grand Caravan? Have a look for yourself!