Although I am already ITIL v3 certified at the foundations level, I am interested in resuming further training in 2014. If you have not yet studied ITIL and service management, this link below will help get you started. Thanks for sharing, ‘Cloud Administrator’! My Microsoft Virtual Academy courses are starting to pile up.

Cloud Administrator in Azure World

ITIL may sound as a boring topic but I cannot stress enough how important is. It is not needed to know it to the detail you just need to know enough to do your work which depends on your position. There is a ITIL course on the MVA titled System Center 2012 R2: ITIL for IT Pros which is the right amount of ITIL information to get started and very good presented. Even though I am ITIL certified I’ve still watched it as there is always something new and useful you can learn. Check it out as soon as you can.

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