It’s about time! I have been waiting for Netflix to be more social with it’s members and content for a long time. I always thought it could be fun to share what you’re watching, comment on movies or shows and maybe even participate in some level of gamification. Will be nice to see where Netflix takes this, looking forward to it.


Ever wanted to know what your former college roommates are watching on Netflix? Now you’ve got your chance: Netflix (s NFLX) plans to turn on its Facebook (s FB) integration for U.S. subscribers Wednesday, allowing them to share their viewing behavior with their Facebook friends and get social recommendations for what to watch next. The integration followed some political wrangling about a little-known 1980s privacy law.

U.S.-based Netflix subscribers can now connect their Facebook account to the video service, and then be able to view dedicated categories called “Friends’ Favorites” and “Watched by your friends” on the Netflix website as well as through the company’s apps on mobile and connected devices. Viewers can also opt into sharing all of their viewing behavior on Facebook’s website.

The company said on its blog Wednesday morning that it will eventually offer additional social sharing functionality:

“The Netflix social features will evolve with new capabilities being…

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