Audience Photo via morgueFileHard to believe it’s been two plus years since I stopped acting as the communications officer for what is now a 5000+ user community. It was an awesome experience to be engaged weekly, and sometimes daily, with people from across the globe in sharing common questions, issues, and answers. As communications officer, one of the biggest tasks I had to do was form a set of roles and responsibilities for myself with the hope of laying the ground work for the officers that would succeed me. Below are the list of responsibilities I came up with.  Some of which, may have already been slightly modified by my replacement, but I felt they could provide value to someone else who may be new to this role or is in the process of drafting their own role and responsibilities.

Communications Officer:

Responsible for delivering and maintaining a communication action plan or strategy for the community.  This includes using social media, multimedia, and other tools where relevant.

Responsible for community web site administration.  Works with vendor on site defects, enhancements, and the installation and configuration of new and existing portlets or widgets.

Publishes official community communications via global or mass email messages.  Templates will be used for the communications and the community President is required to sign-off on all communications prior to their release.

Responsible for promoting group member engagement.  Participates in discussions, blogs, and the use of social media where appropriate.

Utilizes available collaborative and social media tools to inform the community on product or group specific news, events, and information.

Utilizes available collaborative and social media tools to poll or question the community on topics of interest for webcast use and possibly product development.

When appropriate, manages the message board to control the amount of announcement, sticky, and urgent level messages or discussions. Watches and reports suspicious or improper forum use to administrators.

Responsible for managing the community event calendar.  This includes all or most group activities.  Event detail and granularity can be driven by the community President.

Responsible for managing the community Welcome statement and Document Library as part of the website or group administration.  The document library should store the community mission statement, meeting minutes, recorded web casts, as well as any other content selected by the community board officers.

Pretty simple eh? It’s a fun role and thank goodness social media is changing the way we connect and collaborate! If you have recently accepted a role as a communications officer or if you are researching potential requirements for this role, I hope this post could be of some help. Feel free to comment and let me know. Thanks!