GaggleAmpRecently, I began participating in GaggleAMP as a member. The concept of managing a social media messaging bank and controlling how and when it is shared to members and followers is quite amazing. Maybe there are other tools out there doing the same thing, I really don’t know. This post is not written to compare this service to any other. What I am here to talk about is how I think Gaggle AMP could benefit colleges and higher education.

Just recently, I attended an alumni event for my undergraduate school.  I spoke to their Vice President of  Institutional Advancement in regard to social media as I was curious what the school had been doing on that front. Short story is, it didn’t sound like they were that interested in social media and wanted some control over the type of messaging that went out. She did divulge that they had someone working on a social media strategy of sorts but overall, I got the impression that they didn’t know if social media could really help the school or why they should invest in it.

GaggleAMP is a social media service that charges a monthly fee. What it does, is contain messages from your organization’s social campaign and allows your stakeholders, or Gaggle group, the option to share those messages on their own social media channels. The image above speaks for itself but the proof is in the interface as well. As a member of my organization’s Gaggle, I can see a listing of social messages that their marketing and/or communications team has pre-built and I have the option to share or not share those messages, one at a time, and I can even schedule those messages to ensure I don’t blast out multiple shares too quickly which can lower the value a bit. These shares can currently be sent to Linked-In, Twitter, or Facebook, and Google+ capability is supposed to be coming soon.

Can this work for colleges and higher education? Absolutely. I worked with another school a few years ago where I started a Linked-In group for graduate student alumni and then began talking and meeting with their staff on how to get the school more involved with social media but there simply wasn’t buy-in. Gaggle is a great tool that will give schools, companies, or whomever, control over what gets shared, when it’s shared, and how it’s broadcasted. It’s really a thing of genius to give “stakeholders” or people who genuinely care about an organization, the power to help share that organization’s campaign or messaging via social channels. If you are a school and you are looking to extend your social reach and have an active social media student body, which you know you already do, then GaggleAMP is very much worth a try. Tell your marketing and communications people about this product, go talk to the CEO and see what this service can do for your school.

This review can only go so far since I’m still new to GaggleAmp myself. Do yourself a favor and check out this video below directly from @glenng at GaggleAMP and then go visit their website for more information.