Greg Kavander shares his knowledge and experience for those who would like to add ambient, indirect lighting behind their HDTV. Lucky for me, I found this article at the perfect time as my family is in the process of updating our home theater setup. The warm rope lighting is sure to add a nice touch to our game and movie experience. Not only is it a ‘neat’ or ‘wow’ factor, but it’s good for your eyes as well. An affordable and simple solution, that I imagine, a number of home theaters will be implementing this year. Excellent article, Greg. thanks. And I couldn’t agree more with the preference of soft indirect lighting for this purpose over the compact fluorescent or LED option.

The Marketing Lens

Wide shot, blank TV screen, indirect lighting

Every once in a while, you trip over a win-win idea so simple, intuitive and novel, it just demands a second look – maybe even some evangelical sharing. I experienced just such an idea earlier this year while watching TV at a friend’s house. He’s the earliest high-tech adopter I know, so it’s always interesting to see what he’s experimenting with when I visit. On this particular occasion, I was marvelling at how good his big-screen HDTV looked – almost angelic, like it was surrounded by a halo of soft, warm light … and that’s when it hit me [insert record scratch sound effect here]. His big-screen TV did actually have a halo of soft, warm light surrounding it, emanating from somewhere behind the TV. Wow, what a subtle, pleasant visual effect. And as I was soon to discover, also a great way to help reduce eye strain.

Here’s the…

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