This is the first article I’ve read about gamification but I completely understand the value of extrinsic reward systems and how they can play a role in activity and participation. Social media is really inspiring gamification and it will be interesting to see if CA Technologies brings it to the enterprise. What exactly is gamification? Click the link above in my text and it will bring you to the Wikipedia definition.

Rob Cottingham's Gamification


You can tell that gamification is coming to the zEnterprise when IBM, BMC, and CA Technologies are exploring gamification at roughly the same time.  It won’t be too long before gamification starts being applied to the zEnterprise tools and applications, probably starting with administrative tools.

Gamification refers to the process of applying gaming software techniques to non-game applications. The objective is to make the software and or business process more engaging and compelling.  Through gamification software should become easier and more intuitive.

Some of the first aspects of gaming to be applied mimic the scoring and rewards aspects of game playing.  For a management that is intent on measurement, gamification should be welcome by opening up a new dimension to metrics. At this point, however, gamification is talked about most frequently in reference to social networking and associated rewards and incentives.  DancingDinosaur’s sister blog, BottomlineIT, initially referenced it here

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