The software company, Stardock, has created a handy desktop icon organizer for Windows based computers and it’s definetly worth a look for anyone who allows their desktop content to get out of control. With Fences, Stardock gives users an easy way to organize, hide, show, add, and remove shortcuts and files on your desktop. For the most part I think I’m a well organized desktop user but whether you’re organized or not, you’d most likely find the features in Fences useful. There are two versions available, freeware and Pro. If you love it, buy it, it’s $20. While you’re at it checkout the other offerings Stardock has. They specialize in making your Windows machine desktop friendly.

Web security and protection is a concern for all parents who have children with online access. A wide open Internet is unsafe for children as adult content is available with ease to curious young minds or it can easily be discovered by accident. Safe Search technology bundled with the right product can be a virtual shield for web content. Blue Coat specializes in keeping kids safe and their K9 Web Protection product helps to protect children from online content they should not have access to and allows parents to control when and what they can access. K9 Web Protection is a free Internet filtering and parental control software for the Mac & PC. If you have a need or interest in controlling what your kids can access, check out the review below and download the software from their website.

K9 Features to protect your children:

  • Web site blocking by category, including pornography, illegal drugs, personals/dating, violence/hate/racism
  • Easy pre-set levels to choose from depending on the age of your children
  • SafeSearch enabled on all search engines to show cleaner search results
  • Time restrictions, including NightGuard(tm), to disallow internet access during designated times
  • Custom “always allow” and “always block” lists for your personal preferences
  • Ability to override a block with the parent password
  • Tamper resistant for more savvy kids
  • Reports showing activity to categories of web sites
  • Real-time categorization of new web sites
  • Compatible with Windows or Mac machines