CA Technologies offers a valuable service in community blogging for its resources. Just recently my first corporate blog entry titled, “Beyond Your Own Four Walls” was posted for the world to see and at the same time my name has been listed on the CA Services Meet the Experts page. Considering the number of changes happening in my life right now, it feels utterly amazing to be part of this team and community and the timing couldn’t be better. Prior to joining CA, I spoke about public blogging from a corporate perspective and met with senior leadership in regard to social media and enterprise collaboration. My voice was heard but I never felt that my intentions were fully understood nor that the organization appreciated or valued a social enterprise. This is not a complaint though. I understand the risk involved and that some organizations may not desire or need resources with a public voice. What I am saying is that I appreciate the opportunity to voice my opinion and share my industry knowledge and expertise on a level that reaches beyond a personal blog.

Moving on, here’s to hoping I will be able to publish more articles for the CA Community on behalf of my team.  I also want to thank Karen Longcoy and Jerry Aubel for helping to make this happen. The beginning of my first entry is quoted below, simply click on the (continued..) link to be directed to the full article. Thank you for your time.

“All technology leaders face the same trials and tribulations, including the expectation of doing more with less. Your IT organization needs to understand its true cost of operation and measure whether it can accelerate delivery and support of services efficiently. In many cases, it’s the expenses inside your four walls that negatively impact your budget and keep you from providing users and customers the service they deserve.” (continued…)