If you bounce around and look at my online social media profiles and see what my hobbies are or what I’m involved in, you’ll notice I enjoy comics. Long story short, I started reading comics again this summer, really enjoyed it, been following DC’s New 52 launch, and am now exploring other publishers and titles. For educational purposes I purchased and built comichype.com and have added a handful of authors who review anything that is related to comics. The majority of our posts have been in regard to specific issues but this will expand in time to include film, television, collectibles, etc.

The comic world is changing due to the platform options and availability of digital comics.  The “Same day as Print” movement has been successful for multiple publishers and there are many smartphone and tablet based apps that will allow you to read and purchase your favorite comics. One of those apps is called, Comixology. I first tried Comixology on my iPhone then expanded to our Samsung Galaxy tablet, and even tried it out on our PC and Macbook. Comixology isn’t just a fantastic app for browsing and reading comics, their website is loaded with social functionality from reviews to pull lists.

Setup an account with them and you’ll easily be able to subscribe to your favorite series which auto-populates your pull lists. For me, it’s a beautiful thing. I log in at least once a week, check my pull list, see what’s hitting the shelves on Wednesday, maybe checkout some other issues I’m not planning to purchase, etc.. Comixology.com offers a nice window shopping and planning experience to see what’s out there and track what you want to buy and when you want to buy it. Comixology the app, with their Guided View technology, is an awesome way to experience comics. Not everyone is a collector, not everyone loves the paper versions. This app appeals to both audiences. Some comics I prefer in print but I still find myself subscribing to at least one or two series in the digital sense.

This is my tech trek and you know what?  Comics are now tech! Where do we go from here? How about digital comics on Xbox Live? Maybe further integration with your Comixology web account where you can add or edit subscriptions, modify pull lists, and collaborate in an online community. Did I mention all of your purchased and free comics are based in the cloud? Of course… You can access these babies from practically any device and anywhere you have internet. Get it, try it, and then come back here and thank me for it. Better yet, go thank @slim on Twitter for it.