Cloudforce 2011 Live Web Stream
Cloudforce 2011 Live Web Stream Screenshot

Cloudforce 2011 held on March 3rd 2011 was an eye opening experience for me. When it comes to technology event participation and communication, set a standard to run with. They provided a live video and audio feed to mobile or remote attendees across the globe. All you had to do was visit in order to view the stream. What enhanced this broadcast even more? They included a messaging window allowing you to post your thoughts live with other viewers. Sign in or authenticate using Twitter, Facebook, AIM, or MySpace, take your pick! It was an amazing way to feel as if you were a real participant at the event.

I love technology, I love software, and I love delivering quality service while continually working towards providing value for the business. In attending multiple CA World events, I could easily imagine other organizations using Salesforce’s live event coverage as a model. Specifically last year, I served as the customer committee member for CA World 2010 and suggested utilizing Twitter hashtags as an easy way for both attendees and non-attendees to follow the latest happenings. This live broadcast however brings it to another level. With each Tweet I made as an attendee, the following was auto-attached: ( #cloudforce live at

Here’s an example Tweet I made.

Writing a blog post 4 this fantastic live stream and why others should model after it. ( #cloudforce live at

The auto-attach feature could have been shortened a bit with a URL shortener but either way, NO ONE had to use hashtags in order to communicate where they were or what they were watching. Better yet, I’m sure Salesforce gains visibility and can track, monitor, or measure the usage of the tag overall. Marc’s keynote set a positive opening tone and as soon as Salesforce moved onto the demos, the live feed became very active as it was easy to see the excitement from those in attendance. One moment I remember specifically was when they demo’d Facetime for a support call where the customer and technician resolved an issue by allowing the technician to see the issue via video stream and instructed the customer what to do in order to resolve the issue. FAST and amazing.  The only thing I thought of, from a service management perspective, was how does IT capture the issue or incident quickly and still work to resolve the issue.  Will Salesforce integrate to a ticketing/tracking system for that? I’m very much a newb when it comes to Salesforce offerings overall but I’m blown away at the possibilities.

Both large and small organizations need to pay attention to Cloud offerings. Many great software companies recognize cloud capabilities and are delivering products that could dramatically impact your bottom line and amaze both your resources and customers. By attending live events in person or online, you can quickly become educated in the possibilities, while also catching the buzz. Cloudforce 2011 was an amazing event and an amazing broadcast to model after for both tech and non-technology events.