Image credits: BioWare

Just recently I went on a combo business & personal trip and stayed with my brother-in-law who is an Xbox 360 fan as am I. Usually when we spend time together we hang out with family, play hours of games, and drink plenty of beer. This time around was no exception. In fact, this time was even better because even though I had brought Call of Duty Black Ops with me, we ended up spending most of our time with an RPG he had that has been on the market for quite some time. Dragon Age Origins, a Bioware game, has an amazing story line, stunning visuals, captivating audio, and offers plenty of action and re-playability. The game blew me away mostly because I haven’t played or purchased an RPG (role playing game) in such  along time. In my recent past I’ve avoided them because they are frequently single player only games and the stories are so long that it could take you over 100 hours of game-play in order to finish it.  On top of that, even if you’ve beaten the game with one character, you could go create a new character with a different class or skill-set and repeat the whole process.  Oh ya, much of the game is different for each class or character you create so as you can imagine, RPG’s can take an incredible amount of time to really sink in to.

Neverwinter Nights, another Bioware game, introduced me to the modern RPG and it had been years since I crafted characters, chose my adventure, picked up new armor and weapons, battled bosses, etc.. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that once I began playing Dragon Age Origins, I was hooked. Luckily for me, my bro didn’t mind me taking the controls for a 3-4 hour sprint and because my Xbox Live profile is mobile via usb stick, I could record my game saves and take them back home with me.  I even scored and achievement or two  in the process for my live account. Playing the Xbox at home or on the road is a very cool feature and all you need to do is put your gamer profile on a compatible portable device. Dragon Age ignited the love I’ve always had for RPGs‘ and I couldn’t ignore it.  Within days of getting back home I was on ordering the ultimate edition. It’s coming in the mail today and I plan on spending far too much time on it this weekend. Winter is nearly over but I found a reason to stay inside a bit longer. My dwarf warrior is ready to battle on as a Grey Warden! Ha ha…

Many of you who are familiar with the franchise are probably wondering why I would order Dragon Age Origins when part two is scheduled for release next month but from what I’ve read, the games have many differences and each should be enjoyable in their own way. Want to learn more about Dragon Age Origins, play the video review below. The review is very pro to the PC version but I assure you, the console version is fantastic as well.

You know it wouldn’t be right to leave out a video on Dragon Age 2 so if you’re curious about the sequel to Origins, and want to see a bit of a spoiler, check out this vid below. I don’t have any immediate plans for purchasing the sequel but who knows, I’m going to put my effort into Origins for a considerable amount of time first. When Bioware releases a multi-player co-op RPG I’ll be all over that like blood on shield.