VW LogoLike everyone else in the world, I thought I’d review my favorite Superbowl ads for 2011.  This type of post is outside of my normal realm but maybe it’s good to have fun with blogging and veer off from my usual course.  I’ve never given feedback on advertisements but it makes sense to share thoughts and opinions on consumer products because it fuels the fire to how we consumers gauge the product and ultimately, the vendor or organization behind the marketing for the product may benefit from reviews, even bad ones.  Just so it’s said, I was rooting for Aaron Rogers and Green Bay this time around and I’m glad ‘Title Town’ got their trophy back.  It was good for football and it was good for America.

#1. The New 2012 Volkswagen Passat

In my eyes, it doesn’t get any better than this.  When I watch the Superbowl I expect entertaining commercials and this one hit me in multiple directions. The power of Star Wars, John Williams, Darth Vader, and an automobile. Americans are well known for loving their cars and throwing together a power packed commercial that hit upon youth, fantasy, imagination, comedy, and even realism, made the 2012 Volkswagen Passat an instant product of interest. Honestly, I’ve always liked the VW brand but have never owned one of their cars.  This commercial had me hitting vw.com to check out this car. This ad was genius and I think many people dug deeper to learn more about the car once seeing this commercial.

#2. Chatter and Salesforce.com

I think many people will disagree with me that the Super Bowl commercials with Chatter and Will I Am were exceptional.  Why do I think they were exceptional? Strategy. The commercials were placed around half time where The Black Eyed Peas were set to perform. The ‘Cloud’ has been such an incredible buzz for the past year in technology, Salesforce.com, a cloud leader, decided to make an investment in sharing one of their business critical products to millions upon millions of viewers. I said business critical because I feel that enterprise collaboration will become a standard in how organizations connect resources, work on projects, solve problems, and help to fill a gap in the future of remote or work from home situations among peers. Salesforce.com wants you to not only know what Chatter is, they also want you to know Will I Am uses it, geeky IT guys use it, and so can you.  Check out the videos if you haven’t yet, get a trial for Chatter, and make sure your business and peers are aware of the capabilities. Lastly, I loved the Chatter ads because they were software and they were IT. Were there any Apple Super Bowl ads? Were there any Microsoft, Oracle, Dell, IBM, HP ads? Not sure I saw any.

#3. Bridgestone Beaver

This one for me was pure comedy but since cars were a powerful theme for the 2011 Super Bowl, having tires in the mix made sense. I’m not sure I’ve owned Bridgestone tires in the past but commercials like this do what they’re supposed to. They leave a fun or funny image in your mind and you relate it to the brand. It doesn’t matter what kind of tire Bridgestone is selling, they want to make sure that if you’re tire searching, you at least give them a look. Odds are a Beaver won’t save you from a bridge collapsing in a flood but maybe there’s something about those tires that puts a slight edge over their compitition due to the memorable ad. I think so anyways. Next time I need tires, I’m going to look at Bridgestone first just for the heck of it.  I wonder if many other people feel the same way.

#4. Motorola Xoom

The ‘new’ tablets are here to stay, it’s obvious now. Apple as usual, took the initial step and delivered a breakthrough and revolutionary product in the iPad.  They proved it would sell and now, the tablet wars have begun. It’s thrilling as a consumer I think because if you love gadgets and waited out on an iPad purchase until 2011 or 2012, you’re going to have a much wider selection in the type of tablet that best suits you. Even if you’re a current iPad owner and are ready for the next revision, Motorola delivered a solid and informative commercial at just the right time and I think it was worth their investment.

#5. Bud Light Hack Job

The home owner, do it yourself-er inside of us loved this commercial in the first 12 seconds. When it comes to beer, I rarely drink light beer so I’m unsure if Budweiser’s goal is to get someone like me to buy light beer but what they do seem to do each year is deliver memorable commercials around their brand. As I’m writing this, it’s making me think about how much better my kitchen would look if I cleaned and removed every piece of clutter and just put an ice cold bucket of beer on the counter. Wow, enough said.

#6. Chrysler – Imported from Detroit

This commercial shouldn’t be number six on my list, it’s too good, but I had to put it somewhere. I think every American should have been and may have been emotionally impacted by this ad, especially those with even a remote connection to Detroit or the car industry as a whole. Chrysler utilizing Eminem, landed a memorable ad for an upcoming sedan that just may help turn Chrysler around. I spent some time on the website and built my own Chrysler 200 for fun and I must say that the manufacturing style and selection seems to make sense. It might even compete with the 2012 Volkswagen Passat. I should admit that I have always owned American cars, minus a little Honda winter beater I once purchased, and commercials like this mean a lot to me. I want Chrysler to deliver an appealing and affordable product and the 200 might be just that.