A few weeks ago I was watching Twit.Tv via my Roku player and caught an episode from Leo Laporte‘s show, This Week in Tech.  The featured guests were Ryan Block, Mark Milian, and Lance Ulanoff.  Although the show is a bit on the long side, there was some excellent discussion between the guests.  My main interest was in Kinect Adventures considering I had recently purchased the Xbox Kinect.  To my surprise, the episode kept me informed, entertained, and introduced me to new sites.  The episode featured the following topics and discussion points:

Kinect adventures, consoles vs. PCs, cost of Apple’s secrecy, future of mobile gaming, Android turns 3, Google blocks Facebook, National Unfriend Day, and more.

As the episode progressed, I saw references to Ryan Block’s website, gdgt.com.  Pronounced, “gadget“, the site is a social community for researching, reviewing, rating, discussing, and potentially buying, all types of gadgets.  Upon reviewing the site, I was quickly impressed with the interface, an ability to sign-in using my Facebook credentials, and I also liked the profile configuration capabilities.  Once you’ve registered, it takes minimal effort and navigation to locate gadgets you own or gadgets your interested in.  As a user, your participation (as with any online community) is what makes the site so valuable.  Gdgt has a nice layout and interface but it’s the members that make the site so valuable.  Check out trends, manage your own gadget list, share your experiences with others, and make good use of the have, want, and had list.  Have your own blog or website?  They even offer a gadget widget so you can share your gadget profile with people outside of the gdgt community.  If you’re a gadget guy or gal, you owe it to yourself to checkout the site.  The video link below is a great intro.

CHECK OUT THE VIDEO: So, what is gdgt? from gdgt on Vimeo.