My original, 20gb, non-HD gaming rig was tired.  I couldn’t download content anymore due to lack of drive space and it didn’t have built in wireless capabilities.  It was time for a new Xbox.  I love it….  seriously.  It’s a good thing I’m not a game addict or my responsibilities would seriously suffer.  The gaming industry now compared to 20 years ago is absolutely thriving and with this season’s new Xbox, there will be many smiling families this winter.

The latest in gaming technology was bundled with the Xbox I purchased.  You’ve most likely already read about it or even purchased it yourself, but it’s known as Kinect.  The Kinect device is a robotic image and video capturing system that maps your physical movements into the game you’re playing.  I only have the bundled Kinect Adventures game at this time but even with just that sampling, I’ve quickly seen the value and level of fun that this baby produces.  It limits to no more than two players and requires a good amount of free living room space to move around in, but all of it is worth it.  Jumping around can be dangerous if you have short ceilings or if you’re on the tall side, so use caution.

The main purpose of this post is to share with you a specific feature of the Kinect.  As you play games, at certain times throughout the game, still images are captured to your Xbox.  You can review these stills at will and share them online with your friends and family.  Using, you sign in with your Xbox Live ID, and simply link to your Facebook account.  It’s simple and straightforward, I don’t see the need to post instructions here.  The screenshot below shows my standard KinectShare login screen.  If I had content ready to share, it would be displayed here.  From the Xbox console, you select the pics or videos you want to share and they are then sent here, to KinectShare.  From the website is where you perform the social media sharing portion of the process.  Check out more of Kinect online.  It’s fabulous and fun technology.  This post only mentions one minor aspect of its capabilities.  Enjoy!