Xbox 360 with KinectIt’s Halloween, my son’s 4th birthday is right around the corner, Christmas will be here soon, and I’ve been selling unneeded computer and household items online for a few months.  Now that my PayPal account is built up a bit, it gave me a great excuse to pre-order the latest Xbox 360 with Kinect.  What is Kinect?  It’s a camera and microphone system that maps your movement and vocals to screen level actions.  You can make voice commands in games, navigate the Xbox menu system, conduct a voice/video chat with friends, and you can physically use your body to control select games.  I’m sure there’s more features I’m missing here so go see them for yourself at

Kinect Adventures is a game bundled with Kinect and looks like it will be fun for the whole family.  You don’t need to worry about your little one(s) letting go of the controller while they’re swinging it around, because there isn’t one!  With Kinect you just stand in-front of the camera and move your body.  A co-worker of mine told me the first day he unboxed a Wii for his kids, one of them accidentally smashed his lcd tv with a controller.  My wife and I had thought about getting a Wii for our son but knowing his age and behavior, I knew it wouldn’t fit us and we could lose our tv as well.  I was thrilled to see that Microsoft had created the Kinect device.  I have been a diehard Xbox fan for many years.  I don’t play as much as I’d like to but owning the original Xbox moved me away from PC gaming and into console gaming.  With my current 360, about five years old, I’ve connected with both friends and family online and there’s something extraordinarily fun about playing co-op games.  Upgrading my Xbox now makes sense as the latest version with Kinect also includes Wireless N and a 250GB hard drive.  Both of which I need greatly since we’ve relocated our primary television and my old 360 has a 20GB drive that’s full.

The features in Xbox Live are well worth paying for, and from what I hear, blows Playstation 3’s network away.  Does it get better?  Sure does.  Xbox live is releasing a family pack for gold subscribers very soon.  Now, a family of four can all have live accounts for just under $100 per year.  This Xbox live enhancement will go over very well for families who desire their own unique profiles and for families with more than one Xbox.  For details on the Xbox Live Gold family pack, visit this link.  Overall, Xbox Live has grown very well through the years and they continue to offer streaming, purchasable, and subscription based content.  Watching Netflix, Hulu Plus, and ESPN on my new Xbox will be a great benefit.  I’ll wrap this one up with, what I’m thinking, is a highly anticipated Kinect game.  Enjoy, and get those kids moving!